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bollywood in the 90s » le gayi le gayi (dil toh paagal hai~1997)

i’m restarting what i left off a few months ago, since so many of you wanted this; usually i have problems deciding on which one to do next but this time i chose a song which is my absolute #1 favourite and i’m pretty sure everyone who knows me knows my undying love for this song. not only have i grown up listening to le gayi le gayi, but i also have this inexplicable attachment with it and the fact that i can never ever skip it when it comes on shuffle, says a lot. every other song may come and go, but this one will always take the pehla number, no matter what~ 


Koffee with Karan - Season 4
Kajol Reaction Gifs


ishq actually + purple.

its actually a result of being more than just bored :-/