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The Empress of Bollywood


I’ve attended awards shows when I had entered the industry, but I don’t feel like it anymore. Frankly, it doesn’t add up to anything. I have many awards at home, and it feels nice to have them. I won some when I made my debut, and even won a National Award a few years ago. But in spite of that, I was almost jobless for two years. I think we give them too much respect and, have frankly, over hyped them. I rejected about four awards for Queen and Krrish 3. I’m not going to attend any awards ceremonies in the future, and the reason is simple-my priorities have changed. Spending time with my friends is more important than attending these. I think, as you grow older and more mature, the fascination for awards reduces.- Kangana Ranaut

ek din kabhi jo khud ko pukaare
meri zubaan se tu zara, haaye re
tujh mein chhupi si jo shayari hai
tujhko sunaaun main zara, haay re
yeh do dilon ka waasta waasta
khul ke bataaya jaaye naa